Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Risk Management Exam - Monitor and Control Risks

Below are my small notes for this process.  I used this in conjunction with the main notes, that I described in an earlier post.
  • Process of implementing risk response plan, tracking risks, monitoring residual risks, identifying new risks, evaluating risk process effectiveness.
  • Ensure project assumptions are valid.  Monitor contingency reserves.

  • Risk reg
  • PMP
  • Work performance information
  • Performance reports

  • Risk reassessment
  • Risk audits
  • Variance & Trend Analysis
  • Technical performance Measurements
  • Reserve analysis
  • Status meetings

  • Risk reg
  • Org Process Assets
  • Change requests
  • PMP
  • Project Docs

Org Process assets – Templates, RBS, Lessons learned

Change request – Contingency plan or workaround might require a CR

Recommended Corrective action – Contingency plan / workaround (unplanned, unidentified)

Recommended Preventative Actions – Documented direction to reduce probability of negative consequences

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