Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Risk Management Exam - Identify Risks

Below are my small notes for this process.  I used this in conjunction with the main notes, that I described in an earlier post.
  • Is the process of determining which risks may affect the project and documenting their characteristics.
  • It is an Iterative process

  • RMP
  • Act cost est
  • Act duration est
  • Scope baseline
  • Stakeholder reg
  • Cost MP
  • Sched MP
  • Qual MP
  • Proj docs
  • Ent env
  • Org Proc

  • Doc reviews
  • Info gathering techniques (brain storming, Delphi, interview, root cause)
  • Risk reg (1. id of risks - event & impact, if cause then effect.  2. Potential responses)
  • Checklist analysis
  • Assumption analysis
  • Diagram tech (cause and effect, flow charts, influence)
  • SWOT
  • Expert Judgment

  • Risk Reg

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