Thursday, 14 February 2013

iGoogle Replacement?

I have been using iGoogle for many years and like the home page it have.  I have, and use, only seven widgets on the home page, which I find very useful.

The main use is the excellent bookmarks widget, which allows me to categorize my bookmarks and easily find (and add) bookmarks.  Even my children know how to use this widget.

Other widgets I use regularly are for Gmail and Google Calendar, to see my latest emails and diary entries.  I do not have to open the individual apps, but can see the upcoming appointments and latest emails at a quick glance.

The peripheral apps that I use are for the BBC News Headlines, my Rowing progress on my Concept2 and the weather.  All of these are used everyday or so, but not every time I open iGoogle.  They are good to see at a glance and are more "nice to haves" rather than a necessity.

I understand that Google have made a decision to dis-continue iGoogle in November 2013.  Does anyone have a suitable replacement.  The best replacement I have found so far is igHome, which can be tailored to look similar to my iGoogle homepage, however the bookmarks do not read directly from Google Bookmarks, which is a major issue for me.

Any ideas?

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