Sunday, 17 February 2013

Exam Booked !

If you read this blog, you will know that I have been studying over the last couple of weeks for the PMI Risk Management Exam.

I have been reading through the PMBoK guide Risk Management Knowledge area, and have been supplementing my study with a Risk Management Book by Abdulla Alkuwaiti.

Until now, I have been staying away from practice questions, but this weekend, I have taken a few random exam questions for the exam and they all seem fairly straight forward.  With the 5 or 6 that I have taken, along with all of the studying that I have been doing, my confidence seems quite high.

So today, I have taken the plunge and booked my exam for two weeks time.  This gives me 5 commutes this week and 4 next week, with the additional hours at the weekend to study.  I feel this is enough time to cement the knowledge into my head and I should be prepared for the exam.

The only bad side is that the exam center is just over 90 minutes away from home and the exam is booked to start at 8:30 am, which means I will have to get a rather early train to be on time.  I will plan to be there in plenty of time to allow myself to calm the nerves and drink a coffee before sitting down to 3.5 hours of 170 questions (74 seconds per question - without a single break).

I am looking forward to the exam.  I was not looking forward to the original PMP exam... and I found that it was quite hard on my brain, with 200 questions in 4 hours (only 72 secs per question).  I was really tired when I finished the exam.

The Risk Management exam seems more fun, more focused on a smaller topic and I feel that I can get myself into the "Risk Management Mode" quite easily, especially with the stage of the project I am managing on at work.

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