Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Why don’t people listen

As a Project Manager, I believe a smooth project can be achieved with communication. We have to communicate to our project teams, our stakeholders and other teams that will interact to aid the progress of the project and the customer.

Warning: Moan coming.....

So why is it that we are rolling out a new desktop application to 100 people per night and 85% of people read the instructions AND FOLLOW THEM and the others do not. For those that do not follow the instructions, they wonder why their system does not work.  

The instructions do require patience, which a box on the screen counts (alphabetically) from A to H. The user just has to sit and wait for the count to complete and then a message to say "You may start using your computer." to be displayed on their screen.

It does frustrate when you put as much as possible in place to ensure a smooth roll out and automate as much as possible to make the customer experience of change as simple as possible and then they cannot read the information given to them.

.... rant over.

So, how as a Project Manager do you prevent this?

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