Thursday, 1 December 2011

Interview questions

A few weeks ago I went t a very interesting interview. The role was ideal and one that I would be a perfect match for the Project Manager role. (At the time of writing, I am still waiting in anticipation for the result and hoping for a second interview.)

I was interviewed by two people, one being the Head of Project Management and the other was Head of Systems. Both very nice people and the interview was friendly and relaxed. We shared some jokes discussed a few things off topic, however some of the questions were very interesting, so I thought I would share them.

Describe your best day
I started by saying "..with my family, on the beach, in the sunshine, with a cold beer in hand...", but then I thought I had better relate my answer to the job at hand, so I mentioned my ideal working day.

I like to start the day reviewing progress from overnight/yesterday and to ensure we are completing tasks according to plan. This only takes a few minutes, as it is more of a fact finding, rather than actioning. The second task is to have a mini team meeting to find out if there are any pressing issues from the team. The next part of the day usually involves the project planning side of my role and then keeping on top of the issues and reporting that I need to do, which varies according to the day of the week.

Describe your Worst day
I don't really have a definition of my worst day, but I don't like it when people fail to listen and when people do not accept something.

For example, in a recent project we were given a design for a solution and I had to implement it. Simple, in principle, but in practise the solution was not fit for purpose in the environment where we were working. The solution came from a different company, with a different environment and different working practises. For many week wee had to document and track all of our issues and communicate with the solution providers to prove that their solution was not working in reality. Finally, all of the issues we were having started to happen that their company, so the started to believe us.

Other questions included
What is your best asset? Communication, team building and morale boosting

What do you most enjoy about Project Management? Communication, team work / building, delegation, monitoring

What do you least like about Project Management? Simple one work answer - Budgets

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