Friday, 12 July 2013

Google apps (part 2)

This article is a continuation of an earlier article I wrote in January this year.  I was surprised by the number of Google Applications I used almost on a daily basis.  What did we do before Google?

This is a tool that allows the uploading of photos and pictures to the Google Cloud.  I have hundreds of pictures stored in my area of Picassa that I use for different purposes.  I have some public pictures that I refer to in this blog and other websites.  I have some photos that are private and only available to me, with my login and some that are private, but available to certain people with a login id.

Google news
Google news is a quick stop for news.  I prefer BBC News, as I think it is the best news sites, but also probably THE best website on the entire internet.  Google news is handy if I want specific news, for example to the village that I live in, or a specific Technology topic.  BBC News is limited to BBC content, whereas Google has no news content, such indexed content from a variety of sources.  This can back-fire at work, if your corporate firewall block certain sites.

Unfortunately, this application has been stopped, as of the 1st July 2013.  This was a good news aggregator for a variety of text based news.  I would use tis on my Android devices and would synchronise the content to read off-line.

I think this is the best web browser.  Many people may differ with this view, however, as I integrate with Google application and Android, Chrome seems to present the same look and feel, the same content and performance across all of my devices.  As a previous professional web developer, I found this was the fastest browser and offered the best features and performance.

As a Google user, I took the leap from Windows Mobile to Android once HTC started producing excellent Android mobile devices.  I have been using Android since version 1.5 and currently have a tablet and a mobile phone.  One of the greatest features is the synchronisation to my other Google applications, such as mail, contacts, calendar, blogger and picassa.

Who does not use this application?  Whenever I am looking for something, usually a map is involved, such as finding somewhere different to go for lunch in Central London, or how to travel from my Rugby Club to a Family Christening (used today).  Maps works very well on all devices and works well offline on my Android device.  I can search for a route, zoon out and then download the map, so that I do not have to use the mobile internet, which is especially useful when travelling abroad - with extortionate rates.

To do
I do not use the application.  I have tried it, but it is not as feature rich as I would like.  It does synchronise with android, in fact, the Android is far better than the web application, but I am still not a fan.


This is another application that I do not use.  I do use Facebook and Twitter, but I cannot see the mass migration for all of my friends from the two leaders to a Google version.  This application has changed a couple of times already within its short life.  I would not be surprised if this toll is removed within a year of two.

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