Thursday, 20 December 2012

New contract extension

As a contractor I usually start the negotiations for my contract, 4 weeks prior to the end of a contract.  Very few potential clients would even entertain my CV if I was not immediately available.  This is the game of being a contractor.

My contract finishes in two days time. 

I am pleased to say that my contract has finally been extended, with just hours remaining.  I know I am working for a large client, with many contractors and I report into a very busy Project Management Office, but this is cutting it fine.

I really enjoy the challenge of the role I am currently performing, I enjoy the team I am working with and the technology that we will be implementing as it is new.  I feel I am learning each and every day and pushing boundaries to excel.  I love a challenge and have previously left contracts when the work is simply not there.  I would prefer to be on the golf course, or spending time with my children or taking my Wife out to lunch more than not being effective and busy, making a difference for a company.

I am a contractor for many reasons, but the main reason is that I have the freedom to move companies as my contract ends.  There is no hard feelings or notice period, as a contract is a contract.  I like to be challenged and if I am not, then I usually leave. 

I like the feeling that it is only me that can control where my career goes next.  Once I completed my degree, I wanted to work on the help desk to get an overall feel of a company and how it works.  After 6 months I was headhunted and became an EMEA wide database administrator, which introduced me to Lotus Notes.  I worked here for one year with many contractors and consultants and decided that was what I wanted to do, so I left and went contracting.  You can only do this with self belief.  I have been a consultant ever since, with a short 3 year permanent position, for a little added security when my Wife fell pregnant with our first child.

People wonder how I can be so relaxed about not having a job in 2 days, but it is just the life of a contractor.

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